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May 10 2016

This Quiet Moment

I recline here, with my six month old miracle balanced on my lap, leaning into my breast. His rosy cheeks and sparkly eyes put butterflies in my stomach. Wearing nothing but a brown cloth diaper and an amber necklace, there he is, my precious little cherub. I stare at the dimpled elbows and soft skin […]

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Feb 25 2016

Photo Challenge, Week Eight

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Week Eight: Landscape, Panorama The sunrise was so beautiful!! The perfect setting for my first panorama experiment.

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Jun 08 2015

Beautifully Made

Every rock is spoken by the Word. Every time I touch a stone, I am touching the Voice of God. ~N. D. Wilson, Death by Living, p125~

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Apr 03 2015

A Little Bit Broken

A little bit broken. That’s how I feel on my best of days. Rough around the edges. Stained on the inside—and sometimes on the outside. Cracked here and there, a chip or two gone missing. Things leak out, sometimes because I spill them and sometimes because I am incapable of holding them in. A chipped […]

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Mar 18 2015

It Gladdens our Hearts

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Wine is simply water that has matured according to nature’s will… God gave us wine to make us gracious and keep us sane. ~Robert Farrar Capon, The Supper of the Lamb: a Culinary Reflection, p93~ With wine at hand, the good man concerns himself, not with getting drunk, but with drinking in all the natural […]

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Mar 12 2015

Morning {Motherhood} Glory

  The glory of motherhood comes camouflaged in so much chaos. ~Lisa-Jo Baker, Surprised By Motherhood, p198~   This morning, after waking my soul by praying in the dark under the warmth of a duvet, I managed to pull myself out of bed before the kids were even stirring. Kissing my husband goodbye is always […]

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Feb 11 2015

faithful body image

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What does the world mean when they speak of having good body image? The test is simply whether you can look in the mirror and love yourself. Can you see your body and love it? But for a Christian woman this question should be completely different. Good body image for a Christian woman means being […]

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Feb 09 2015


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Eight years ago, he asked ~ eight years ago, I said yes.   This ring brings me so much joy every day, reminding me of the bigger joy it represents. Wow. Song of Solomon 2:10-14 My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. For, lo, the […]

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Jun 17 2014

This is where I live

I feel like this picture captures so much of my life at the moment. Of course this is actually my yard/view so this is truly where I spend my life. And much of it is spent in my husband’s arms. Some of it is spent smiling, some of it is spent trying to smile. And […]

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Apr 02 2014

Spring Cleaning…

At least in theory, I want to do some spring cleaning. Certain things need to be done: the flower bed needs a little help before sunshine does its thing, the hose needs brought out, the Christmas lights need taken down, the porches need swept off, and the outdoor furniture needs a good spray & wipe. […]

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