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May 17 2015

Praising, Trusting, Surrendering, Loving

Your future includes manna. It will come. There is no sense devising future scenarios now because God will do more than you anticipate. When you understand God’s plan to give future grace, you have access to what is arguably God’s most potent salve against worry and fear. ~Ed Welch, Running Scared, p140~ I decided to […]

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May 16 2015

Second: Resources, Opening My Eyes to See Chronic Suffering

SECOND: RESOURCES, OPENING MY EYES TO SEE CHRONIC SUFFERING … … … … … I wanted to pray but had no idea what to say, as if struck dumb by my own pain. Groans became the only language I could use, if even that, but I believed it was language enough for God to understand. […]

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May 12 2015

Chronic Needs Series Coming Soon…

Coming soon… up close & personal… a little blog series on the subject of serving those in The Church who have chronic needs {chronic pain} &or {chronic illness} of {any&all types} Please stay tuned, please prepare to participate in the conversation, please let me know if you have experience… if you are a blog lurker […]

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