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Mar 07 2015

budding chef

I love this little man-in-the-making for SO many (countless) reasons. Including his budding chefness.   The mushroom? Ah! It is the proof of creation ex nihilo, the paradigm of the marvelously solid unnecessariness of the world. How anything so nearly nothing could at the same time be so emphatically something— how the Spirit brooding upon […]

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Feb 26 2015

oh, spaetzle!

It was spaetzle that brought me to my senses. Spaetzle, if you do not know, are the very flower of all foods made with flour. They are tiny bits of soft noodle dough, boiled to a light and lovely perfection, and served with butter or gravy. It took only one taste of my wife’s first […]

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Feb 19 2015

Date Night: Daily & Divine

Food and cooking are among the richest subjects in the world. Every day of our lives, they preoccupy, delight, and refresh us. Food is not just some fuel we need to get us going toward higher things. Cooking is not a drudgery we put up with in order to get the fuel delivered. Rather, each […]

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Feb 10 2015

enjoying life & its offerings

[M]ake the most of dinner time in particular by creating an event of it. Don’t allow it to be just throwing food down the hatch. Enjoy the time, enjoy the food, and enjoy our fellowship together as a family. ~Kim Brenneman, Large Family Logistics, pg215~ There are one thousand ninety-five meals a year that we […]

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Feb 09 2015

meat and grain

What about Jesus’ own parable of the prodigal son? The Father in the parable told his servants to prepare the fatted calf ready for a feast when his son returned home. Of course, this parable was not told as a lesson on what to eat, but we need to pay attention to every red letter […]

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Feb 06 2015

this & that, on gluten free food

It’s not, actually, strictly, about food for me. It’s about what happens when we come together, slow down, open our homes, look into one another’s faces, listen to one another’s stories. … It happens when we enter the joy and the sorrow of the people we love, and we join together at the table to […]

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Nov 27 2014

My First Gluten Free Thanksgiving

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And it was downright delicious. We were created to eat! The eating experience is as much a part of living as breathing. The natural cycle is to eat, become satisfied, take a break—then eat to get satisfied again. There’s no getting past it. We are wired to get satisfied from food… ~Trim Healthy Mama, p37~ […]

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Nov 07 2014

Keeping our home, Together

Do not sigh while you are washing the dishes. Do not have a pity party, and do not teach your children to act this way, because they will learn from your example. If you work cheerfully and use the time well, you will teach them to enjoy their work too! ~Kim Brenneman, Large Family Logistics, […]

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Oct 09 2014


It is rare these days that I find recipes for sweetish things that I love and can eat. No gluten, no sugar, no oats, no rye or malt or barley. So here are a few new finds that I am really enjoying. I should figure out how to replace the maple syrup with medjool dates… […]

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Oct 08 2014

More of this!

Can I ever be fed, and need no more food? Can I ever sleep and need no more rest? Can I ever feel my wife beside me as we watch living, eternal, laughing things we were used to create, and not want to see them again tomorrow? ~N.D. Wilson, Death by Living, p61~

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