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Jun 22 2015

In Faith

Posting this kind of thing takes a lot of faith from me. So! In faith, I am sharing a recent belly bump picture, as well as a painting I did for Steven for Father’s Day which represents all 13 of our babies. The Lord is gracious, and that is enough. …You, O Lord, are a […]

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Apr 08 2015

Tears Bottle, Tutorial

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Psalm 56:8 …tears… I have had people asking either to buy these little tokens from me or for a tutorial so they can make their own. Well, here’s the tutorial to the best of my ability! And if you rather, just send me a personal message, and we can talk about helping you get your […]

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Apr 06 2015

Easter Lessons

This year, we went out of our way to do a few more hands-on lessons and Easter preparations with the children. The older they get, of course the more they grasp ~ and it is delightful to hear their own 6, 3, and 2 year old sized insights into why we do the things we […]

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Apr 03 2015

He Bottles our Tears

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Have you ever been comforted by this Scripture, knowing that your tears are not overlooked, and they are not even simply dried, but they are bottled by the Lord our God?! I know I have. He keeps an account of our tossings, our wanderings~ He keeps our tears, as precious~ He writes these things in […]

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Dec 19 2014

Gingerbread Houses

For the first time since my brother and I have had kids, we got the children all together to decorate gingerbread houses! Such a fun day!! It might need to become an annual tradition…

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Dec 12 2013

Uniquely Wrapped

So we bought a dozen bottles of wine to give as some gifts this year, and I was trying to figure out an interesting way to wrap them. Not that using a wine bottle sized/shaped gift bag from the Dollar Store isn’t good enough (because it is!), but I thought perhaps I could do something […]

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Jul 03 2013

Dabbling in Various Domestic Endeavors

I may not have a Pinterest account, but I sure love coming up with new ideas for the beautifying of my home, the loving of my family, and the nutritious & delicious filling of our bellies! Enjoy a wee glimpse into a few of my recent crafty endeavors.

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Jan 17 2013

Creative Juices

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Here are some of the ways my creative juices have been flowing in recent months and weeks. Christmas gifts (I also made gifts for our nieces’ and nephews’ spring birthdays, but can’t show & tell those yet): There were also Family Night in a Bag gifts, some themed gift basket type gifts, dry erase/chalkboard roll-ups/placemats, […]

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Feb 13 2012


Creativity comes in various forms. Sometimes I try to be creative with housekeeping or cooking. With coloring pages, hikes in the woods, and phonics lessons. With musical arrangements I play and songs we sing. Sometimes, though, I get to pull out all the stops and practice creativity with crafts. That’s probably one of my favorite […]

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Sep 09 2011

Art Time

Gabriel and I love doing things together: sometimes I carry him into my world (like last night when I gave him a table knife and he cut up an entire zucchini from my garden for me, which I was able to toss right into a skillet & sautee for dinner!) and other times I jump […]

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