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Jun 24 2018

Only Daughter

She runs into the house without even slamming the door—the loud clomp clomp of her periwinkle Wellies announces her entrance just prior to the shout in the foyer, “I want to come in! I’m frozen!” Chapped, peeling lips are pale beneath her runny nose and wind-kissed cheeks. Heavy breaths through her mouth along with icy white splotches […]

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Oct 24 2017

Rest & Adventure

A couple weeks ago during communion, where the pastor prayed over my children, he included a phrase asking God to be their rest and be their adventure. I can not tell you how that has stuck with me. It has been repeated in my own prayers and in my discussions with my children, and it informs […]

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Apr 22 2017

Walking in the Way

Come, sweetheart… come for a walk with your mama. It was not long ago that I carried you every time I went walking, but then you grew a bit and began to stretch your legs. Another little one came along then, and I carried him in my arms while holding your hand tightly in my […]

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Mar 08 2016

Photo Challenge, Week Ten

Week Ten: Portrait, Environment Here is my little girl… in her child’s-version of her someday-environment! I love it. Little future homemaker. Barefoot, in a vintage dress, making cupcakes & tea. And then, just for fun, I used a post-process to give it an illustrated effect!

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Feb 04 2016

Evangeline Joy is Three!

Yesterday marked our precious girl’s third birthday! With Mercy’s sixth birthday and Heritage’s second birthday (and the sixth anniversary of Promise’s due date) the week before, it felt super good to have life to focus on. Having yesterday filled with girly celebration was just a delight to this mama’s heart. Evangeline is such an incredible […]

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Dec 22 2015

Marshmallow Munchkins

Isn’t there something just completely, inexplicably wonderful about the way children look like fairytale characters when they play in snow mounds, bundled up like the softest of marshmallows?!    I love these marshmallow munchkins.

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Nov 10 2015

Joy Multiplied

The joy of having these four children in my arms is indescribable. Simply incalculable! And that joy is multiplied by the delight they take in one another.      Thanks be to God for these immeasurable blessings!

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Jun 08 2015

Beautifully Made

Every rock is spoken by the Word. Every time I touch a stone, I am touching the Voice of God. ~N. D. Wilson, Death by Living, p125~

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May 11 2015

Snuggling My Miracles

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Mar 21 2015

What I See when She Sleeps

Women see children with different eyes than husbands do. ~Lisa-Jo Baker, Surprised By Motherhood, p132~ I sneak into your room while you nap, tiptoe gently across your rug, peer into your crib. Precious little limp body, resting so peacefully and sweetly. Blankie nearby, left thumb in your mouth ~ just the way you like it. […]

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