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Oct 15 2017

Beautiful crying forth

As I contemplate my thirteen precious children today, on PAIL (pregnancy and infant loss) Remembrance Day, I am praising God for His beautiful crying forth of ideas which created each one of them. I still daily get to set my eyes on four of them, and I am daily blown away by His imagination in […]

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Apr 22 2017

Walking in the Way

Come, sweetheart… come for a walk with your mama. It was not long ago that I carried you every time I went walking, but then you grew a bit and began to stretch your legs. Another little one came along then, and I carried him in my arms while holding your hand tightly in my […]

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Apr 14 2017

Christ Died

While we were yet sinners. Christ suffered for us. Died for me. He was stricken. Smitted. Afflicted. Forsaken. Dead in a completely gory trauma.   And there was darkness. Despair. Agony. Unknowns. Hell. Many Questions What about that tree– the one that would be sawn asunder, its limbs lashed to a T to brace his bruised body? […]

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Jan 06 2017

Arise, Shine! Our Light has Come!

Christ was born! He fulfilled the prophecies! The Incarnate King! God with us! This last Sunday we celebrated the naming and circumcision of Jesus, His presentation in the temple where Simeon (my son’s namesake) sang, And today we celebrate the Magi coming to worship Him. It’s Epiphany! This day is our day. My day. This […]

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Oct 09 2015

Pregnant with a Rainbow, Part VII

To give you a smaller, easier-to-get-through glimpse into my second PAL ultrasound with Sweet Teen last spring, here is a lens I call Second Glance. ~…~…~…~ Second Glance I am just as nervous as last time, my bladder isn’t quite as filled. Walking into the hospital now makes me anxious rather than thrilled. I hold my […]

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Apr 11 2014

The Fleeting Moments

Sometimes it is the fleeting moments that are the hardest for me to enter into with my children (aren’t they ALL fleeting though?) ~ specifically things like reading books or imaginative play. Somehow I have always found it easier to incorporate my children into my world than it is for me to enter into their […]

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Jun 20 2013

Smoke, Sky, and Sea

A filmy western sky of smoky red, Blossoming into stars above a sea Of soft mysterious dim silver spread Beyond the long gray dunes’ serenity; Where the salt grasses and sea poppies press Together in a wild sweet loneliness. ~from “Twilight in Abegweit” by L.M. Montgomery~

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May 09 2012

Sharing With You

Some pictures: A Scripture passage: Colossians 3:1-17 If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When […]

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Mar 20 2012

First Day of Spring

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Of course it’s a winter wonderland on the first day of spring. Hehe. When my leaves fall, wilt Thou encompass them?    The gold of Autumn flown, the bare branch brown, The brittle twig and stem,    The tired leaves dropping down– Wilt Thou encompass that which men call dead?    I see the rain, […]

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Mar 08 2012

What Utter Joy

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It is often hard to put one’s experience down in words, and even more difficult is the task of penning one’s innermost ponderings. Not just what I have experienced, but how that experience has molded me and what I retain now from the experience. Asher is three and a half months old already. I have […]

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