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Mar 25 2016

Savoring Friendship & Cookies

It was obviously an early day of spring. Grey clouds and blinding sunshine danced together. Robins were bouncing happily around outside while it rained. The fire roared in our living room stove, schoolwork was spread on the table, the baby was fussing, and the big kids were doing anything but focusing on their books. I […]

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Mar 24 2016

Homemade Yogurt

I don’t remember exactly how long I have been making yogurt… but it’s been a couple of years now I think. We go through so much yogurt in our household each week that this is a really good way for me to save money for my family! Like with bread, this is something healthy & […]

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Sep 29 2015

Another Round of Freezer Meal Bags

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Once my freezer supply dwindles, we may try to make another round of those “dump bags” for freezer-to-crockpot cooking. Not sure if we will need it before baby is born, or if I will wait until after he arrives. But here are a few more recipes I plan to sift through and choose from, and […]

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Sep 24 2015

Pregnant with a Rainbow, Part IV

Let me preface this by saying with my physical, medical, immunological problems, we have learned that we have to be proactive about either pursuing or preventing pregnancy. (This is obviously a big can of worms to open up in such a public place as a blog on the worldwide web. But I guess I’m feeling […]

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Apr 06 2015

Easter Lessons

This year, we went out of our way to do a few more hands-on lessons and Easter preparations with the children. The older they get, of course the more they grasp ~ and it is delightful to hear their own 6, 3, and 2 year old sized insights into why we do the things we […]

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Mar 24 2015

Goodness Rising & Multiplying

Food is the daily sacrament of unnecessary goodness, ordained for a continual remembrance that the world will always be more delicious than it is useful. Necessity is the mother only of clichés. It takes playfulness to make poetry. ~Robert Farrar Capon, The Supper of the Lamb: a Culinary Reflection, p40~   Courtesy of one of […]

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Oct 09 2014


It is rare these days that I find recipes for sweetish things that I love and can eat. No gluten, no sugar, no oats, no rye or malt or barley. So here are a few new finds that I am really enjoying. I should figure out how to replace the maple syrup with medjool dates… […]

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Oct 24 2011


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We love bagels, but they’re one of those rare treats in our home. It’s probably a good thing that we don’t have a Noah’s Bagels in our town. But the bagel-bug bit me recently, so I decided to make them myself! Oh boy. Delicious. And while they may have been a little bit time-consuming, they […]

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Sep 13 2011

End-of-Summer Peach Tart

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I have been hugely enjoying fruit this summer. And let me just tell you that that’s an incredible understatement. Recently it has been nectarines and peaches that have been my addiction. Especially some truly wonderful peaches grown in local orchards. We bought a whole box of peaches a week ago, some of which we enjoyed […]

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Jul 14 2011

UPDATE on Domestic Endeavors

This is the first of multiple upcoming updates for you all, so stay tuned over the next few days. I’m planning on having them rise in excitement each day… we’ll see if I can manage to pull that off. COOKING and BAKING: This is an area where I have enjoyed thriving lately (although, ironically, I […]

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