May 10 2016

This Quiet Moment

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I recline here, with my six month old miracle balanced on my lap, leaning into my breast. His rosy cheeks and sparkly eyes put butterflies in my stomach. Wearing nothing but a brown cloth diaper and an amber necklace, there he is, my precious little cherub. I stare at the dimpled elbows and soft skin he presses up against me. I hear crickets and the sound of a spring breeze fading into background noise as his lips and tongue make tiny noises of contentment and joy.

This is bliss.

5.10.16 Bebe2

A quiet moment in the midst of a loud and busy life.

Laundry, dishes, meal planning, specific educating of ever expanding minds & quickly forming worldviews… these things melt to the periphery as I embrace the quiet delight of pudgy baby hands and full-throttle snuggling.

I was made for this.
To embrace this.
To enjoy this.

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2 Responses to “This Quiet Moment”

  1. Samanthaon 10 May 2016 at 6:08 pm

    God is so good to give you these four cherubs on earth.

  2. Jaclynnon 11 May 2016 at 3:06 pm

    Oh these sweet moments, I too cherish!

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