About Me

First and foremost, I rejoice in my heavenly Father. Secondly, I rejoice in how He has blessed me.

I love my husband: love to serve him, love to make him smile, love to be his wife. I honor him and respect him, admire him and cherish him with every thread of my being. I am one with him, by God’s great and continual covenant grace.

I love my children, those in my arms & in heaven: Covenant Hope (July 2007); Gabriel David, born in May 2008; Glory Hesed (March 2009); Promise Anastasis (June 2009); Peace Nikonos (November 2009); Mercy Kyrie (January 2010); Victory Athanasius (May 2010); Hosanna Praise (November 2010); Asher Timothy, born in November 2011; Evangeline Joy, born in February 2013; Heritage Peniel (January 2014); Fidelis Se’arah (May 2014); and Simeon James, born in October 2015.

I enjoy keeping my home, serving my family, living in the country, pursuing generational & covenantal living, ministering to others enduring the grief of miscarriage, connecting with other moms educating their children for Christ, and seeking to grow in grace. I have particular interest in homeschooling, music, reading, gardening, crafting, sewing, cooking, baking, writing, and am ever eager to learn new skills as well as hone old ones.

To God be all praise and glory and majesty.

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