Save, Lord!!

As of an hour ago, our Hosanna baby is alive!! However… The baby is measuring small. And the heartbeat is extremely slow.

If there is one thing I wasn’t really expecting to get out of the ultrasound today, it was ambivalence – and that’s exactly what God gave us. It’s better than “the worst” but it certainly isn’t what we had prayed for. The doctor was not overly hopeful.

Please beg God with us for a miracle.
Ask Him to preserve this precious little life.
This isn’t a medical problem – it is a child. Our child.

Oh God, save this baby! Hosanna in the highest! Save, Lord!!

Save, Lord!

Psalm 118:25, “Save us, we pray, O LORD! O LORD, we pray, give us success!”

The word Hosanna literally means Save, Lord. It is a cry for salvation. At the same time, it is a declaration of praise. What a beautiful, complex word.

This is the word that now fills our lips as we cry to God to save us and give us success. He has filled my womb with our eighth baby! And as H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, we are calling this little one our Hosanna-Baby.

I don’t have the luxury of waiting to tell you all until further into the pregnancy, because we need your prayers! Please praise God with us for His kindness in blessing us with this little baby. And please beseech His mercy and grace with us as we beg for Him to save us ~ to give us joy instead of grief.

Conceiving is only the first of many, many hurdles for us. This is so scary, tenuous. God has given life, and now we ask Him to sustain it.  We are thankful for this beautiful blessing. And for the confidence we have in Christ that as we belong to Him, so do each one of our children. All eight of them.