Holy Week, vii

Holy Week, vii ~ Holy Saturday
Jesus in Sheol

Good Friday Artwork Tomb Near | Motion Worship | WorshipHouse Media

This day is one of lamentation and wondering. No festal activity, but lots of prayerful song mingled with art both visual & verbal, with a constant background of musical lamentation. Nothing like my two favorite requiems for this Holy Saturday.

Scripture Reading:
Job 14:1-14
Psalm 31
Matthew 27:57-66
1 Peter 4:1-8


Poem for Holy Saturday by Joseph Carlson

Sepulchre by George Herbert

Cry, Beloved by Ben Palpant

Blessing for Waiting by Jan Richardson, excerpt


Art Study:

The Harrowing of Hell by Hieronymus Bosch, c.15th century
Descent of Christ into Limbo by Bartolome Bermejo, c.1475


Holy Week, vi

Holy Week, vi ~ Good Friday
Trial of Christ
Torture of Christ
Mocking of Christ
Conviction of Christ
Crucifixion of Christ
Conversation with thieves
Conversation with loved ones
Final words
Rending of the veil
Graves opened
Soldier breaks and pierces
Jesus is laid in a borrowed tomb

Scripture reading:
Psalm 22
Isaiah 52:13-53:12
Hebrews 4:14-16 & 5:7-9
John 18:1-19:42



The Lay of Redemption by Joseph Carlson

The Whirlwind Bides His Time by Joseph Carlson

The Stranger by Ben Palpant

Make a Resurrection Garden–closing the tomb and setting a toy soldier as sentry

Bring out the crown of thorns (we made it years ago like this) and place it on an empty table

Special Food:
Hot Cross Buns
(I used this recipe)

Art Study:

The Crucifixion by Matthias Grunewald
Christ on the Cross by Mihaly Munkacsy

Historical Practice Study:
The stations of the cross for protestants, through book and art and poetry.
Stations of the Cross for Children by Julianne Will

Stations of the Cross for Children | The Catholic Company®



The Crucifixion: A Meditation on the Sacred Passion of the Holy Redeemer is an oratorio composed by John Stainer n 1887

Holy Week, v

Holy Week, v ~ Maundy Thursday
Washing feet
Last Supper
Predicted betrayal and denial
New commandment
Garden of Gethsemane
Disciples fell asleep

Scripture Reading:
Exodus 12:1-14
Psalm 116
1 Corinthians 11:23-26
John 13:1-38
Mark 14:1-50

washing feet
stripping the tables
walk through a Seder meal

Art Study:

Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet by Ford Maddox Brown, 1852-6
The Last Supper by Leonardo daVinci
The Betrayal of Christ by Caravaggio, c.1603


Agnus Dei



Bach – St Matthew Passion BWV 244

Holy Week, iv

Holy Week, iv ~ Holy Wednesday, “Spy Wednesday”; plotting against Jesus, anointing Jesus; teaching, resting, fellowshipping.

Discussion Points:
What was Judas doing on the Wednesday before the crucifixon? Who did he conspire with? What was Jesus doing? Where was He resting? Who was He teaching? Who anointed Him, and what is the significance of this offering?
(Here is an interesting blog about Spy Wednesday.)

Art Study:
Study the visual difference between faithful following and plotting following. What is the posture? Where is there light versus darkness?

File:Master of Perea - Saint Mary Magdalen anointing the feet of Christ - 1975.95.1 - Yale University Art Gallery.jpg
Saint Mary Magdalen Anointing the Feet of Christ
Artist: Master of Perea, Spanish, Valencia, active ca. 1490–1510
Dixon, Maynard_Shapes of Fear
Maynard Dixon (American, 1875–1946), Shapes of Fear, 1930–32

Scripture Reading:
Psalm 70
Matthew 26:6-16
Luke 20:19-26
Luke 22:1-6
John 12:36-50
Hebrews 12:1-3


Snack & Stories:
Today we will eat simple bread and fruit, such as Jesus and the disciples may have had while traveling and fellowshipping and teaching. And we will read The Jesus Story by Mary Batchelor.

Holy Sonnets by John Donne

Playing some spy games (ideas here and here to be a fun mom)
Printable activities:


Bach’s Chorales & Partita No. 2 in D Minor—Holy Week festival, Tenebrae (what is a Tenebrae?)

Holy Week, ii

Holy Week, ii ~ Holy Monday: Cleansing and Cursing, Children’s Hosanna

Figs! I love dried figs, and they are adequate for our day, but if there were any way I could get my hands on fresh figs and lamb, I would be excitedly cooking these skewers for dinner.

Today we are just printing paper activities to keep little hands busy while I read to the children.

Art Study:
We will be pondering many of the details in this Jacob Jordeans painting. Facial expressions, imbalance, animals, bare feet, carrying a basket atop the head, gilded columns, coins. This one is rich.

And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and  selling in the temple, and overturned the table… | Jacob jordaens, Painting,  Jesus painting
Jesus Cleansing the Temple by Jacob Jordeans (1593-1678)

Scripture Readings:
John 2:13-22
Matthew 21:12-22
Joel 1
Habakkuk 3:17-19
Psalm 1

Articles worth reading on the temple cleansing and cursing of the fig tree: Gospel Coalition and Sabbath.org and OliveTree as well as Wolfmueller below.