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Oct 26 2016

My Pumpkin Patch

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So it’s not looking like we are going to make it to a real pumpkin patch this year… but the pumpkin Gabriel picked out at the grocery store a couple weeks ago is pretty cute… and I have my own little patch of coppery punkins! I love them. They sure are sweet as pumpkin pie!

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Oct 06 2016

Big Kid Joys

I love babies. My mom might smile and tell you that’s largely because I’ve had “easy babies.” But let’s be honest: to at least a certain extent, babies are babies, and babies are also honed by the hard work of their mama. So while God definitely did give my babies their blessed personalities and natures, […]

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Feb 16 2016

Life as SAHM is (More Than) Enough

I praise my King, that He and His grace are sufficient (which means not only enough, but completely and totally filling it up to all the corners!) even for the moments where I muse about the following… where I wonder about myself and my work… where I ask Him, is it enough? and am I […]

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Feb 16 2016

Life in Ellipses

I know there are lots of jobs that dictate a life and routine with a rinse & repeat nature. Truly, that is how God created the world. Even He seems to live within a refrain ~ times and seasons, which are necessarily repetitious. It clearly does not mean that a repetitious, cyclical job is not […]

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Dec 26 2015


There is something about children mixing with elegance that just makes me smile from ear to ear.       Out celebrating in elegance the beloved parents and grandparents of this joyful group, and their marriage of forty years & counting!

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Dec 22 2015

Adventing Still

What a glorious time Advent is! And I’ve been too caught up in the business of Adventing that I haven’t been taking the time to write about it. Of course traditionally (so we have been hearing, especially, in the Anglican tradition) it is a season not unlike Lent. Advent prepares for Christmas like Lent prepares […]

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Nov 10 2015

Joy Multiplied

The joy of having these four children in my arms is indescribable. Simply incalculable! And that joy is multiplied by the delight they take in one another.      Thanks be to God for these immeasurable blessings!

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Oct 27 2015

Introducing Simeon James

Sweet Teen’s rainbow has burst forth! We joyfully welcome our precious son ~…~…~ Simeon James ~…~…~ ~the Lord has heard, and supplanted our grief with joy~ born on Sunday, October 25th at 4:06pm 5lbs 10oz ~ 19 1/2 inches ~ pumpkin fuzz atop his head   Blessed be the Lord! For He has heard the […]

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Oct 26 2015

Now We Are Six

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Oct 15 2015

Nine Treasures, on PAIL Day

Today (Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day) we are remembering our darlings in heaven, the nine siblings of our treasures here. While this day does not cut so acutely into my heart as it once did, it is still a day that bittersweetly blesses and affects me. In addition to treasures of glory, of Christ, […]

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