Big Boy Beds

And thus begins another chapter in my motherhood.

My dad promised my boys bunkbeds about a year ago… he’s been working on building them for the last couple months… and last night he brought them over and set them up.

No more crib.

I remember the last time we took that very same crib apart too, and I wept because I did not have much hope left that God would ever grant us another living child.

Well, I haven’t wept this time. Not yet anyway. Because I have seen God’s wonderful works, and I can praise His faithful name even in the midst of another horrible storm. That crib may stay in the basement until I have grandkids, but even if that is His plan, it is going to be okay. (right??) He has been so much more gracious and merciful than I could ever have imagined, last time we took the crib apart. His kindness is everlasting, and I am so thankful for His comforts. I am so thankful that I can rest on His faithfulness that I’ve seen before, so I know that even new difficult things will be redeemed by Him someday, some way. Even though this is kind of painful timing, as Heritage would have been arriving very soon, so we were hoping to be needing that crib for her. Siiiiiigh.

But goodness. What a blessing that we needed new beds. That we have LIFE that requires something like bunkbeds (that were so lovingly and devotedly designed by their grandparents and built by their grandpapa). That we get to use the plural boys, kids, and words like siblings and brothers. Wow. Last time we took down that crib, I did not have that comfort. And while it doesn’t erase the pain, I am the first to tell you that it is a balm, and it is a gift from God.

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4 Replies to “Big Boy Beds”

  1. Great bunkbed! I like the shelving under the stairs – and the stairs themselves. Good job to your dad.
    Also, yes on this being a balm. I don’t think present or future happiness is ever *supposed* to actually *erase* past pain, but often it does soften, interpret, and in a way complete it.

  2. That is awesome! Your Dad did an amazing job; what a gift he has for working with wood. 🙂 I’m praying that someday, soon, you’ll be using the crib again.

  3. Aww thanks, Samantha. (((hugs))) We are praying that God would grow our family… and while I’m not blogging about it much yet… it is looking less hopeful. But God is faithful, and we trust Him. So we continue asking, trustingly, and yearn for our will to be aligned with His so that His desires are fully our desires, whatever our future may or may not look like. We appreciate your prayers, friend. Evangeline is fully enamored with her baby dolls these days, and knowing that her little sister would be nearly a month old by now, it kind of breaks my heart. But God is good, and I am seeking Him, in all of these things. May He make me faithful!

  4. Those are amazing bunk beds! what a talented Dad you have 🙂
    I too am thankful you’re at this point in life where a bunkbed is NEEDED 🙂

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