This afternoon the newest member of our family made her entrance into the world of the officially air-breathing. Bringing next to nothing but dark wavy hair and long pianist’s fingers,
Clara Elizabeth
has graced my brother’s family (and thereby, ours) with her stunning presence. I stand amazed at life. Life that scrunches up its nose, stretches out limbs, and presses air in & out of lungs in rhythmic measure. Doesn’t it make you wonder how God ever thought of that?!

When Gabriel first heard that Uncle had a new baby, he told me, “uncle got a baby for you. Go get it. Mommy baby.”
No worries: I explained that this baby isn’t ours. She’s part of our family, but she isn’t ours.
Gabriel insisted, as we drove to the hospital this evening, that we were going to meet Baby Jesus.
No worries: he got it corrected once he met his new cousin, and we’ll work on nailing down his theology later.

Welcome to God’s green earth, Clara. Here, you will be mightily loved. You belong to a strong family. Generations of Christians hailed before you, and I trust that through you many more shall yet hail. From what your auntie knows, your name means “clear and bright” & “God’s promise.” May your Father in heaven ever reveal Himself clearly to you, make Himself clearly evident through you, and hold fast to His promise to bless generations through you even as you hold tightly onto Him throughout your days. Peace & blessings.

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  1. Congrats! What a beautiful name!! I love that Gabriel thought you were going to meet baby Jesus – so cute 🙂

  2. I had forgotten your brother and family were expecting…what a marvelous, wonderfully made beautiful gift! and a lovely name too! 🙂

  3. Love that you wrote this. Thinking of you. And looking forward to the day with you when you son gets to actually have his own baby sibling brought home to him. HUGS

  4. what a beautiful testament to your strong faith and commitment to always rejoice in the good gifts and miracles the Lord has done. praying for your heart always, sweet friend.

    may we rejoicing in your miracle in the days to come, no matter how many days there are before that –

  5. (I’d forgotten too!) Congratulations to your family! What a beautiful blessed gift; the thought of life and how precious it truly is… that brings tears of joy to my eyes!
    Clara Elizabeth; what a beautiful name!

  6. Congratulations to your brother on his new baby! I’m so happy for them (and as others have said, what a gorgeous name). It is indeed marvelous that God chooses this way – this drooly, wailing, blanket-bundled, TINY way – to increase His great kingdom.
    Love and prayers for you this week as well. May you continue to have much grace and courage in your heart.
    Bobbi Jo

  7. You are such a beautiful person and this is such a beautiful welcome! Love you, Friend!

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