Casting Anxieties

1 Peter 5:6-7

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time He may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.”

This is something I am praying daily for strength to do. Particularly right now, I have anxieties about the house-building and moving timing, and anxieties about Baby Nine’s life. These are big things in our life and there are big anxieties associated with these big things. But they are not too big for Christ. I am called to cast my anxieties on Him, no matter their size or weight. And why am I called to cast my anxieties on Him? Because He cares for me! HE cares for ME! How incredible is that! My anxieties are not too big for Him, but they also are not too small. He cares about the little details that press upon my heart. Christ is not one to roll His eyes and tell me to get over it: His method is to enfold me in His mercy and carry the weight for me.

I am anxious about how the house is going to come together in under four weeks… but each day, God is showing me things that He is accomplishing out there and reminding me that He is faithful. No matter what gets done, no matter what is left undone: He is faithful and will provide for our needs in all of it.

I am anxious about Baby Nine’s life… in fact, when I was lying awake during the night last night and wasn’t feeling him move, I laid there crying and just asking God to give me the comfort of kicks or wiggles. I still fight fear daily that he will die. When I rolled over and laid on my stomach (which I know he doesn’t like…), he started wiggling, and my tears of anxiety changed to tears of thankfulness as I finally fell back asleep. It is so hard to hold my children with open hands, no matter their age. But these children are HIS, ultimately they do not belong to me at all. I am praying for bigger faith and trust as He cares for these, His children, in whatever ways His providence has ordained as best.

I realize that the life of the Christian is one of daily giving up our anxieties to God and hourly placing ourselves at His feet. As I continue to grow in my knowledge of Him and His character, I want to grow in my faith and ability to cast all my anxieties at His feet and lay all my burdens on His shoulders. May the Father strengthen and enable me for this enormous task of daily Christian-living.

4 Replies to “Casting Anxieties”

  1. I’ve been praying much on this same topic lately, friend.
    God cares about the smallest detail of my life and what’s even better, He knows the details, needs and desires to be met before we even do. That’s what comforts me.

  2. Melissa, I remember those thoughts! With the pregnancy problems I had, right around 33-34 weeks I would get super anxious and really want that baby out. Once I remember almost having a panic attack; not trusting my body, but thinking the baby would do better outside. But God’s timing is perfect and even though it is so hard, we have to trust His will and our anxieties on Him.

    Thank you for sharing specific ways we can keep you in our prayers in the coming weeks. May God comfort you in this time and may you find peace in Him. ((Hugs))

  3. Praying for you, holding you up to the One who knows all and cares so much for you, for baby nine and your beautiful house and moving. I know it must be sooo hard, more than I can possibly imagine, to NOT panic or have anxiety. *much love* and *hugs*

  4. I so needed to read that right now. Just knowing that God cares about all my anxieties, big and small, means so much right now. Thank you.

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