Works in Progress

With (give or take…) six weeks until moving and eight weeks until Baby Nine arrives, we are very occupied with our works in progress. Take a peek below at the two biggest projects of 2011 and the awe-inspiring work God has been doing in, with, and for our family this year. We are humbled and thankful beyond words.


UPDATE on House Building

At two months+ into things with our house building adventure, things are starting to take shape. Of course it always feels slower for the home-owners than for those lending their sweat and muscles to the project, since we’re watching from a distance and only checking in once a week or so. šŸ™‚ But I wanted to share this exciting update with you by way of a photo update! Things are starting to come together!!

The view you can see of our build site (this is zoomed up as far as my camera would go) from my parents’ front porch. So this is the back of our house.

Our front gate, at the front of our 1/4-mile long dirt driveway

Steven, in front of our house! Or rather, what’s framed of it so far. This week the upstairs (a bathroom and couple of bedrooms) will be framed and the trusses will be put up! So this is our main floor (sans garage). AndĀ  closeup of our “cobbled” porch floor, which I love.

I love this view of things: so much wood, it’s hard to weed through! šŸ™‚ The one with Steven is sort of the view once you step into our front door; he’s heading into our Dining Room and the Great Room is just beyond him (the stairwell will be at Steven’s back).

Steven and me in our Great Room, enjoying taking a leisurely tour through our home and talking through furniture placement and decorating ideas together. And then two views of the super high, nifty walls in there (we’ll be getting a fabulous peaked ceiling).

My mecca, the kitchen!! Including me standing “at the kitchen sink,” and a view out that window (love the cows in our pasture!), and our family eating area with lots of great views out the windows.

I think that’s about it for the pictures this time. Once things come together more and more, I will try to give more updates. It’s a super-fantastic, somewhat-stressful adventure that we’re on, and we are constantly amazed by God’s provision and kindness to us as we move forward step by step through the whole process. We can’t wait to live in the country and be in the house that we’ve spent so long (over 18 months… more like 2 years, I think…) designing, planning, and preparing for. It’s such a gift to have many godly Christian men working on our home too, many of them from our own church. So God is not only providing for us through this adventure, but for others in the household of faith too! He’s very merciful.

We continue to spend lots of time researching things online and talking to people we know about all kinds of “housey stuff.” We go to our local hardware stores every weekend to check out clearance items (for instance, we’ve been getting our lighting fixtures that way, which is super fun). And we’re starting to try nailing down some more of the big items like kitchen countertops, cabinetry, windows, exterior doors, porch posts, steel siding, appliances, flooring… yep, it goes on and on! I am even already looking at drawer pulls and doorknobs. šŸ˜‰ Pretty exciting stuff, right down to the sawdust. Love it (and when I don’t love it, I remind myself to breathe, lol).

Hope you enjoyed this update ~ we think it’s a pretty exciting one!!
(but just wait until Monday’s update! that one will probably take the cake…)

Breaking Ground

Officially breaking ground and getting the real work started! Finally! It’s exciting stuff. I’ll post updates as I can along the way. šŸ˜€

Starting In

We’re starting to jump in to home-building things now that the world around us has thawed out! Today my husband and my dad installed the pump into our well and now we officially have water on our property! (which means we can get our building permit now!)

And then, just for your pure entertainment, I took pictures from our building site for y’all.

This is where our house will be.

This will be the view out my front door (except that tiny tree right there will probably disappear):

This will be the view out my kitchen:

This will be the view from our backyard, and way back there through the trees up on a hill is my parents’ house: