Starting In

We’re starting to jump in to home-building things now that the world around us has thawed out! Today my husband and my dad installed the pump into our well and now we officially have water on our property! (which means we can get our building permit now!)

And then, just for your pure entertainment, I took pictures from our building site for y’all.

This is where our house will be.

This will be the view out my front door (except that tiny tree right there will probably disappear):

This will be the view out my kitchen:

This will be the view from our backyard, and way back there through the trees up on a hill is my parents’ house:

5 Replies to “Starting In”

  1. Beautiful! I’m really excited for you guys. What a fun adventure! I think the Arnolds will need to be your first visitors… after your family of course 🙂

  2. That’s beautiful! I’m sure your home will be a lovely and peaceful place for all of you, inside and out. I can’t wait to see the progress!!

  3. I am excitied for you! Building a house will be a great experience and your views will be lovely! Are you drinking your well water in that photo? How deep did you have to go?

  4. How exciting!!! 🙂
    And I see a rainbow in one of those shots… a beautiful promise.
    I hope the building process goes smoothly for you and hopefully you’ll be looking out that new kitchen window before too much time passes.
    So happy for you guys.

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