Charlie Brown Christmas

After discussing it with my hubby, we decided to cut down a tree on Thanksgiving at my parents’ house, according to our usual tradition. We almost didn’t, and then we changed our mind. So we walked down the hill and cut down a pretty Charlie Brownish tree; it all took about six minutes. I figured that if I got home and decided my heart just really couldn’t handle putting it up in our house, we didn’t have to. So we put it in the garage that night, and by the next day I knew I did want to put it up. So we did. I didn’t want the empty space “where the tree would have been” connected to all those horrible what-ifs and shoulda-beens. The tree is the less of the two stings, I guess.

We usually do lots of decorations and make our whole house really festive, right down to the potholders, hand towels, and dishes. This year, nope. As hubby puts it, we’re doing meager decorations for a meager year. Maybe next year will be different (and maybe not).

I think the tree is very representative of my heart right now: not the biggest, sparkliest, most festive thing in the world… but doggone it, I’m sure trying to fake it till I make it!

So it’s low key, but it’s there. And it’s a good compromise. And I did put out a couple other decorations (Advent calendar, Advent candles, snowglobe, and a wreath) and pulled out 3 of our Christmas mugs. Everything else went back in the boxes and back to the basement. Someday, I will do the whole shibang again. Someday.

So for this year, we are having a Charlie Brown Christmas. And it suits.

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  1. What a special tree. It looks nice. I’m not going all out this year either, even though we are hosting Christmas for my dh’s side of the family here. I got out our tree (we have an artificial tree) and I put ornaments on it but not all of them. I have a lot of ornaments from my grandparents, and since my grandma passed away this is my first Christmas without her. It hurt too much to think about unwrapping all those ornaments from her, that she picked out just for me. Maybe next year!

    I still want to get an ormanment in memory of our baby.

  2. Choosing simplicity has been a life-saver for me, too. Less work, less clean-up. I know that my attitude is more important than all the knick-knacks.

    I hope your day is going well. Enjoy a cup of cocoa in the soft light of your beautiful tree!

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