Chronic Needs Series Coming Soon…

Coming soon… up close & personal…

a little blog series on the subject of serving those in The Church who have chronic needs
{chronic pain} &or {chronic illness} of {any&all types}

Please stay tuned, please prepare to participate in the conversation, please let me know if you have experience…
if you are a blog lurker & would like to participate by being interviewed
either as a pastor/church leader or as someone with chronic suffering,
please please please let me know asap!

… … … … …

~part of our series, Serving Those in The Church with Chronic Needs~

… … … … …

7 Replies to “Chronic Needs Series Coming Soon…”

  1. I’m exited to see what you have been able to put together! You are amazing writter and I know its going to be so so so helpful!

  2. I came across your blog through olive tree. I don’t usually follow blogs but yours reached out to me with your prayers for pain and waiting on The Lord. I’m probably older than many of your followers as I have 2 grown sons and 3 grand children (one in heaven’s meadows with your babies). I look forward to this series. You have a very special gift from The Lord. Thank you for using it for His glory.

  3. Jackie, I am delighted that you are blessed here! That encourages my heart. I am so sorry for the distance that heaven has put between you and that sweet little grandbaby. (((hugs))) I have watched my own mother suffer acutely with the deaths of her grandchildren (in addition to the pain it causes her watching me suffer), and it gives me such a heart for grandparents who don’t get to hold and snuggle those babies. Thank you for commenting today. If you have any personal experience or insight with chronic suffering, please feel free to ask for interview questions, or at least chime in on the upcoming series conversation. God bless you!

  4. Hey Betsy, you or Bess should chime in and let me know if you have any particular experiences or input (esp from the IF/loss/difficult pregnancy standpoint?)… but of course, reading or sharing the series on FB would also be a blessing. I just have a heart to open the conversation so that all of us can be softened to where the Lord wants us to sacrifice.

  5. Carrie, I hope the snippets are somehow a blessing to you and those around you. I hope you will be able to share the link around with people you know who would also be challenged, encouraged, softened, blessed.

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