Creative Juices

Here are some of the ways my creative juices have been flowing in recent months and weeks.

Christmas gifts (I also made gifts for our nieces’ and nephews’ spring birthdays, but can’t show & tell those yet):

There were also Family Night in a Bag gifts, some themed gift basket type gifts, dry erase/chalkboard roll-ups/placemats, some photography and other artwork… but I didn’t take pictures of everything. Definitely had a good time crafting and sewing my way through the autumn months though!

Curtains for the kitchen area and master bedroom, which happened right before Christmas since I had no more gifts or holiday crafts to do:

What am I currently doing to create? Well, making a couple of things with Tiny Ten’s real name on them (arrow tag, metal stamped jewelry, baby spoon, and Christmas stocking), sewing some little things for the nursery (think pink!), stocking up the freezer with homecooked goods (I’ve got around twenty dinners in there right now so I should be able to give myself permission to take it easy after she’s born for a while; plus desserts, snacks, and bread to boot)…

And oh yeah… I guess I’m helping to make THIS too. 🙂 Only for a few more weeks though! She’s nearly here.

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  1. You look so tiny still! 🙂 It’s hard to believe that she will be here next month…
    I loved seeing all the photos of the projects you’ve been talking about. You and Steven have great taste; I like the way your house looks and how you’ve decorated and designed it.

  2. wow! those are some amazing crafts! You’ve been hard at work. I can’t wait to ‘meet’ your little princess. Will be praying labor and delivery go smooth and safe.

  3. Love all this craftiness! I had a lot of fun making Christmas presents this year, too – my favorite was a set of magnet dolls I made for my goddaughter. I teased that I was just going to keep them for myself, I liked them so much. 🙂

    P.S. The light in your kitchen is just gorgeous.

  4. I love your home, beautiful!
    You are small….:) I am sure the anticipation to meet Tiny Ten is growing daily!
    All the things you made, so cute!

  5. Cute stuff! What are the little bottles in the clear plastic bag? Checking your blog often in anticipation of baby girl’s arrival! Love ya!

  6. Thanks, friends. 🙂
    And Kristen, it probably won’t be too much longer… I’ve been on bedrest for over a week now, but my restrictions will be lifted soon. So then we just wait and see, and I get to work on nesting. 🙂 I’ll keep y’all posted.
    And oh, the bottles? They’re vials from injection meds; I save them and soak off the labels. So yeah. I literally put lots of effort into those bottle garlands! The garlands are fun strung on a patio or deck, with herbs or flowers or wee bits of weeds (you know the type: Mommy look at the pretty dandelions I picked for you!) in each bottle.

  7. What can be more cute and spectacular, then a beautiful mommy creating such beautiful things with her own hands. I loved that crafts, you’re awesome!

  8. So cool seeing all your crafts! Love them all-especially that family tree pillow-what a great idea! =) And by the way,your kitchen is amazing! I love how open and airy it is and what great natural light with all those windows in there,i have kitchen envy!!!lol It looks seriously cozy!

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