Creativity comes in various forms. Sometimes I try to be creative with housekeeping or cooking. With coloring pages, hikes in the woods, and phonics lessons. With musical arrangements I play and songs we sing.

Sometimes, though, I get to pull out all the stops and practice creativity with crafts. That’s probably one of my favorite kinds of creativity, and although I don’t get to practice it every day of the week, I enjoy it when I do. 🙂 I have a couple of wedding gifts to make soon, which will involve “alphabet photography” ~ one of my favorite creative things to do in the last year or so. I also will get to sew curtains soon (hurray!), which is exciting.

I recently refinished four antique ladderback chairs and they are now the chairs we are using in our family eating area. Love love love them. I also just stained nearly a dozen frames that my dad made for stitcheries I have done over the last fourteen years, and will get to varnish them soon and then hang them. I have cranked out a few metal stamping projects as well, with more to come on the horizon.

But I think perhaps my favorite creative outlet recently is in a new art creation I came up with one day… it involved buying canvasses for 50% off at Michael’s, and then buying books for mere cents at Good will, and digging up some craft glue to mix with water… and after some creative juices got flowing, and I had some naptimes in which to do the crafty work, I had a great new piece of artwork for each of my boys’ rooms. And I think I’ve inadvertently created a new art medium that I am loving for future pieces for myself as well as for gifts!

Gabriel’s canvas is covered in antique sheet music and pages of Psalms & Proverbs.

Asher’s canvas is covered in illustrations from children’s books and pages of Genesis.

6 Replies to “Creativity”

  1. Oh I guess you can’t see it very well in the picture… it’s above the head of Gabriel’s bed.

  2. You’re so creative!! I love your ideas 🙂
    I want to store them all away for the future or perhaps maybe the present too!

  3. Such a fun idea! I absolutely love it! I have some old sheet music I have been saving for some time, unsure of what to do with it, but I love this idea!

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