Evangeline Joy is Three!


Yesterday marked our precious girl’s third birthday! With Mercy’s sixth birthday and Heritage’s second birthday (and the sixth anniversary of Promise’s due date) the week before, it felt super good to have life to focus on. Having yesterday filled with girly celebration was just a delight to this mama’s heart.


Evangeline is such an incredible gift to our family. I can not explain how precious she is. She remains a firecracker for sure, but also shows us the tenderest of moments and gives us heaping helpings of joy and laughter. The way she loves all kinds of girly things is perfect.


We praise the Lord for His kindness in giving Evangeline Joy to our family. We pray for her to increase in faith, knowledge, mercy, grace, joy, beauty, loveliness, compassion, and generosity this year. We pray for wisdom in training her for life as a princess of Christ.


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  1. Aww, how can she be three already!?! Wow. I love how grown up she is looking now with such beautiful long hair. So glad that God blessed you with her! Happy Birthday!

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