faithful body image

What does the world mean when they speak of having good body image?
The test is simply whether you can look in the mirror and love yourself.
Can you see your body and love it?

But for a Christian woman this question should be completely different.
Good body image for a Christian woman means being able to look in the mirror and love God.
If you can look in the mirror and thank God for the body that He gave you –
that He spoke from nothing when He called you to life –
when He made your heart beat in a secret place,
when out of nothing He crafted you and gave you life.

When you can thank Him for all the challenges that come with this body of yours
because they come from His hand –
this is a far deeper joy than loving yourself.

This is not the shallow joy of having good body image,
but the deep security of having faithful body image.

Pursue that – because it is pursuing your Creator.
Thank Him – for His gifts to us are overwhelming.
Image Him, even as we see ourselves.
~Rachel Jankovic~


3 Replies to “faithful body image”

  1. i love your dress!! 🙂 and, if this is from the book I think it’s from, that chapter *still* stays with me to this day. so good.

  2. You know, I don’t even think it’s from that chapter (although I love that chapter too and need to go read it again…), I just found a link to her posting it on facebook. If I knew there were so many good quotes on facebook, maybe I would have an account. 😉

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