First Day of Spring

Of course it’s a winter wonderland on the first day of spring. Hehe. 🙂

When my leaves fall, wilt Thou encompass them?
   The gold of Autumn flown, the bare branch brown,
The brittle twig and stem,
   The tired leaves dropping down–
Wilt Thou encompass that which men call dead?
   I see the rain, the coldly smothering snow;
My leaves dispirited,
   Live very low.

So the heart questioneth, white Winter near;
   Till, jocund as the glorious voice of Spring,
Cometh His “Do not fear,
   But sing; rejoice and sing,
For sheltered by the coverlet of snow
   Are secrets of delight, and there shall be
Uprising that shall show
   All that through Winter I prepared for thee.”

~Amy Carmichael~

2 Replies to “First Day of Spring”

  1. It was trying to snow here earlier but it has turned to rain. We did have a bit of snow this past week though. It’s funny how it always seems to be winter-like weather on the first day of Spring! 🙂

  2. Wow! Its been in the upper 80’s here with tornadic activity! So believe it or not I think Spring came to early for us! Everything is blooming beautifully tho….

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