Five days until Christmas!!

Our good God, our overflowing God, our God of yes and amen, has always been able to promise far more than we are able to believe. I am not here speaking of unbelief, or of hard hearts, which is another problem. I am speaking here of a true and sincere faith, a God-given faith, but one which is still finite, and which God loves to bury under an avalanche of promises. We serve and worship the God who overwhelms, who delights to overwhelm. ~Douglas Wilson, God Rest Ye Merry, p14


This Christmas, remember you are learning how to open God’s gifts to us. And because He really knows how to shop for us, when we get the wrapping paper off, we are always surprised. ~Douglas Wilson, God Rest ye Merry, p21


God was made flesh. This means that we may build, sew, pick up a knife and fork, make love, spank our kids, shovel the walk, and do all to the glory of God. Earthiness is not the gospel, but the gospel did come to earth. Earthiness is no savior, but earthiness is saved. ~Douglas Wilson, God Rest Ye Merry, p27

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  1. The last quote was especially meaningful to me. Thank you for sharing!
    And I especially love the 2nd photo of your precious blessings.

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