Five Years as Mr. & Mrs.

Last week, we celebrated five years as Mr. & Mrs. ~ and what mercies the Lord has shown to us!

Steven and I were able to return to the chapel where we were married, as well as the hotel where we celebrated our reception. We had delicious food and drinks, fun walks around downtown and a beautiful park full of cultivated gardens, and time to simply relax & enjoy one another while reminiscing about God’s hand in our married life thus far & looking forward in hope to what He is yet to do.

I love my husband more than I can tell you. The respect and honor in my heart for him is immeasurable. Living with him, being his helpmeet, supporting him, sharing myself and my everything-else with him… it is all such a gift! It sounds cliche, but I couldn’t ask for anything more. And that’s simply the truth.

May the Lord continue to provide for us as we continue to live out our life together before Him, and as we uphold our covenantal vows by His grace. And may these first five years be simply a foretaste of the sweet delights the next fifty have yet to hold for our family.

6 Replies to “Five Years as Mr. & Mrs.”

  1. Happy 5th Anniversary!!! God has woven a beautiful love story with the two of you and I pray that He continues to bless you immensely as your love for each other continues to grow! 🙂
    And how fun to go back to the chapel and hotel 🙂
    So happy for you!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Considering what amazing things God has already done through your family in these past five years, I am *also* looking forward to seeing what He does in the next 50! Many blessings on you all! 🙂

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