Friday August 15, 2008

As Gabriel hit the twelve week mark just a few moments ago (yes, I was actually watching the clock as 9:53 came and went), he was cooing & smiling & wiggling on his Aunt Beth’s lap. His aunt & uncle from the East Coast are visiting right now. We’ve been having oodles of fun all week, with still more to come over the next few days. It is fun to have outings and events. And it is fun to take pictures and make memories together. Gabriel loves to be social, is almost always cuddly, and is endlessly stealing his mommy’s heart (and everybody else’s).
It’s funny how 12 weeks of pregnancy would feel like an eternity, and now these first 12 weeks of Gabriel’s life have flown by like the wind.
Also, just so y’all know… I am fully aware that interrupted nights are coming just around the bend: teething, flu, nightmares, etc will not be far away. And I get that. 🙂 I have just been gaining some perspective and trying to come to grips with the fact that my son’s tiny-newborn days are gone. I am trying to enjoy each stage as it hurries by. Those nights of multiple feedings due to rapidly packing on some chunk on a skinny boy are already gone. Now he is big enough to comfort himself with his little left thumb. And this perspective has given me new joy (and erased the grumbling) when my son does wake me up at night. Like last night. When I heard his cries, I smiled knowing that my arms, my milk, my voice — it would all be fulfilling and comforting to him. It is good to be joyful in service. And it is good to gain new perspectives on service. It is good to serve my son. It is especially good to joyfully serve my son.
And God is incredibly good.

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