Friday March 20, 2009

This afternoon we got to go visit the Bennetts again (now that they are home! yay!) to oogle at the sweet twins. Gabriel is pretty much infatuated with his cousins. It’s so cute. But then again… we’re all infatuated with them, it’s just a necessary reaction. 🙂

Gabriel was playing with his toys earlier, then was excited about removing his socks & staring at his hands. Have I mentioned that he also waves hi/byebye now??

Gabriel, seeing Hannah and desperately wanting to touch and cuddle her! So cute.

He loves the babies’ heads, and I love this picture of the three grandkids together.

Grandmama with Noah, right before she got to help give him some lunch.

Five pound angels!

Noah & Hannah’s nursery — including the amazing changing table Grandpapa made. The cribs are in the works now! 🙂

Grandmama with her two grandsons; Ashley with her two babies.

Baby Photo Shoot!
I love these family pictures. 🙂

Time for a boys photo shoot!

Maybe this one is my favorite of the boys.

6 Replies to “Friday March 20, 2009”

  1. What absolutely gorgeous babies! They look so sweet and healthy!
    Congratulations to Ashley and Colin and all of you on the new additions
    to the family. I love all the pictures. Gabriel looks so happy to have little cousins.

  2. Yay, pics of the twins!
    They are so precious and adorable!
    And what good weights too, (btw, Hannah is exactly the same size I was when I was born, weight and heightwise)
    Like little miniatures of their parents.
    Noah has Colin hair even!

  3. *aww*It’s so cute when little kids start waving to you!
    Gabriel must think the twins are like more toys to play with, maybe? My mom said 
    that after our brother arrived (17 months later), Jaclynn and I were always wanting to play with him and touch him and we had a habit of wanting to touch his bright 
    blue eyes =P
    I loved all the twin pictures…. brings back memories of all our twin pictures. Such precious blessings Hannah and Noah are!! What a gift from God…
    Ashley really looks great! 🙂
    ♥ Sam

  4. Oh my goodness, such cute cute pictures!  I love the ones of your little guy with the cousins, too cute.  Please tell Colin and Ashley congrats for me!  And sorry I haven’t been on here in a while, I can’t subscribe to xanga on my google reader, and all of the sudden realized how long it had been since I checked your site!

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