Friday March 5, 2010

My little boy & I got to spend the day in the country. Walking along the dirt driveway, tossing dirt everywhere, hiking through the woods, watching birds & deer & ants, playing on the grass ~ so many, many fun things to do!!        

5 Replies to “Friday March 5, 2010”

  1. Ooh, so cute! Such fun and sweet times with him! (:

    Have you seen this little book called “County Babies..”? It is one of our favorites and from the looks of this post, is one that you and your Country Boy would also love! (:

  2. his smile is SO cute!!! I can’t get over what a big boy he’s turning into… all of a sudden. You guys live in a beautiful area! 

  3. I love the first picture of you and Gabriel.  Such a good picture of both of you!  And mommy/kids shots are just so hard to capture, aren’t they?

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