Friday May 29, 2009

Wisdom Doesn’t Worry
by Mrs. Nancy Wilson

Mothers seem especially good at worrying. We are designed to look after and care for our families, and so we are easily targeted to become worriers. But the problem with worrying is it is a complete waste of time. It accomplishes nothing good. As Jesus said, we can’t even get one hair to change color by worrying, so what makes us think worrying will keep our kids safe or pay the bills? It’s a futile activity.

But we must take some perverse pleasure in it, or else we wouldn’t do it. My own personal opinion is this: something happens that drives home to us how entirely dependent on God we are for our preservation, and the flesh panics and thinks something like, “You mean I’m not in charge? God is?” When the children are all safely tucked into their beds, we feel satisfied that we have everything under control. But when one of them is off on a skiing trip, or really sick, or driving in bad weather, we feel vulnerable. We can’t see them. We can’t protect them. These times are so very good for a mother’s soul. Realizing that our children and our grandchildren, the born and the unborn, are all completely, totally, absolutely, and perfectly in God’s hands should set us free from worry. If things really were in our hands and not in God’s hands, then we would have a reason to worry. But thanks be to God, that is not the case. We are all in His divine, omnipotent care. He has numbered our days. He orders our steps. The more we believe this with evangelical faith, the more we will be set free from worrying because we will see it for what it is — unbelief. God loves us and He loves our children more than we do. What a great relief and blessing the truth always is.  Wisdom doesn’t worry.

This morning I had my first morning of “Mommy & Tots” at my house – the small group (I invited six ladies but there were only three of us this time) of mamas and their babes (in utero through age four) at which we will be fellowshipping, playing with our tots, eating something yummy (I made banana chocolate chip scones for today), and then reading something edifying & praying together. This (above) is one of the things we read today. We also read something about doing good to our husbands all of our days. And I read a G.K. Chesterton quote about how we don’t just teach our children something but everything – we don’t teach them a trade, we teach them about the entire world. I liked it. Anyway, the above article about worrying mamas was especially applicable to us. I think I need to read this article about six more times today. And again tomorrow. And maybe the next day. 🙂

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  1. I love that wisdom from Nancy Wilson. Excellent advice!

    I love the idea of “Mommy and Tots” and I think it’s great for women with young children to get together and do things like that. What a blessing you can all be and encourage each other! 



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