Friday October 2, 2009

Is it a Farmer’s Market???
Nope! Just the produce I harvested this afternoon from my backyard garden! 🙂
Love it.

I love this shot. So much edible goodness!

Delicious carrots.

Yes, I realize some of these are not at their ripest — but we’re freezing at night and I’m sick of covering my tomatoes with flannel sheets! lol. 🙂 We’ve had plenty of huge, juicy, deep red tomatoes for at least a month.

Sweet, tender beets.

My almost-completely-harvested garden! A lovely first attempt.

Along with squash (ummm, yes, we learned 27 squash plants was tooooooo many!) and lettuce, my pumpkins are remaining to be harvested. I think I’ll give them another week or two. They are beautiful: all different sizes and different colors. I think there are about 18 of them, but 2 of them are on the other side of our fence in the neighbor’s yard! 🙂

6 Replies to “Friday October 2, 2009”

  1. Beautiful  Harvest! Your carrots are so yummy looking and really nice sized too; I’m impressed!
    We almost had a frost/freeze here a few nights ago but not quite seo we’re still doing okay though things are definitely slowing down. The pumpkins will be ripe soon! My little sis and bro. are excited about that.
    We always have green tomatoes each fall… ever had fried green tomatoes, tomato jelly or green tomato pie? I have recipes! 🙂


  2. Your produce is lovely! The carrots and beets look so nice.

    We have had some near freezing nights and our squash got hit with the temps. Wow, 27 squash plants…but at least you have some variety! =)

    Congratulations on your bountiful harvest!


  3. Jac- yeah, sort of… the 27 didn’t include the pumpkins though. 🙂 I had 12 zucchini, 15 yellow squash, and about 10 pumpkin plants. Ridiculous, right?! 😉
    Thanks, Meggan & Erin! Yes, it was a lot of work this summer — but it was so wonderful. I am already making plans for next year. 🙂

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