Friday October 30, 2009

An up and down day.

We saw our baby’s beautiful heartbeat.

But we are told that flutter will soon be gone.

The hormones aren’t going up.

We are at a loss.

We are broken.

Such a long, hard week.

Then little bites of hope.

And now — nothing.



Don’t give up praying.

We can still pray for a miracle.

But ultimately, we need to pray that we would peacefully say:

While the tears stream down my face and my eyes puff up and my chest heaves…

6 Replies to “Friday October 30, 2009”

  1. Melissa, this is so hard to believe.

    I am so relieved that your baby is living, and I know that he or she is just soaking in your love right now.

    I am praying for that miracle, and for your peace.


  2. I will pray for both those things Melissa, peace for you guys, and a MIRACLE!  Thank you for updating us on how things are going and how we can be praying for ALL of you.  

  3. *hugs* to you and yours and many many prayers and much love to you all as you face this. There are no words, nothing to make it better but I pray that our heavenly Father’s will be done and may you be held in His loving arms.


  4. Melissa!

    I was a rather out of the internet world for a while & am sorry I didn’t see this earlier to be in specific prayer for you. 

    I AM PRAYING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW, with tears in my eyes.

    Love to you,


  5. we sang a song in church on Sunday called my Father, my God (beautiful, rich words). My favorite line was the continual “Thy will be done” but my favorite verse was “Renew my will from day to day; Blend it with Thine and take away all that now makes it hard to say,

    “Thy will be done.”

    I will pray for God to renew a strength, peace and even joy within you, that can only come from Him.

    I hadn’t heard that you were expecting… I would’ve been praying sooner. I hope my recent blog post didn’t seem terribly offensive. I admit, I would’ve held off on writing about that, had I known you were going through this sorrow. I’m sorry.

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