My garden is still abundant, and I wanted to share pictures of its fruitfulness.
I filled a large bowl with cucumbers, zucchini, crookneck squash, and tomatoes today. I’ve stopped picking peas and beans. I just couldn’t keep up any more. My lettuce is still sweet and tender. Potatoes and onions are going to be ready after a couple of frosty nights. The pumpkins are getting big and round, and just starting to turn orange. My squashes and cukes are slowing down. But the tomatoes are just speeding up! I never thought all these tomatoes would ripen, but we’re getting a little kick of Indian Summer this week, and they’re starting to ripen in droves! I think I may be freezing them by the gallon later this week. 🙂

And surprise, my Victory Rose is starting to bloom again! It has seven (the number of my children!) buds right now, and we’re excited to see how many bloom before we get a heavy freeze.

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  1. Awesome! I have a teeny-tiny garden patch but I haven’t planted anything in it in the last few years! I really want to get back to gardening, if only for a few green beans and tomatoes! 🙂

    My rose bush has two blooms on it tonight. One in full bloom and one that is just peeking through. I’ll think of them as representing my children too. Lovely thought!

  2. Your garden is lovely!
    Wow 7 buds…how neat AND perfect!
    I almost laughed because your garden sounds just like ours; we have had sooo many green tomatoes but maybe if this warm spell we just got hangs on we will get a lot more ripe ones. And we had peas all summer do the coolness of the season.

  3. Your garden is so lovely, Melissa! We are nearing the end of our harvest here and since I have limited space I did not plant a fall/winter garden. But maybe it is not too late to get some onions and garlic in out there…..

    I would love to hear how you freeze your tomatoes. 🙂

  4. Our garden is the same as yours- about the same anyway. And hurray for the Indian Summer week; we needed it for our tomatoes too! 🙂
    Gardening is so much fun and always an adventure….
    How special to have Victory blooming again and with 7 buds!

  5. I’ve heard that there has been a nation wide crop failure for pumpkins this year…something to do with the pollinization…we only have a few. So if you have some, yay for you and home gardeners beating out the commercial growers!

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