Gabriel David turns 4!

When you ask Gabriel, “who are you?” he will reply, “Gabriel David ~ beloved of God who is my strength.”
To which I say, amen & amen!

This little boy is SO beloved! Of God as well as of us. And it is so obvious that God IS his strength, in so many ways. Physically and spiritually. The way Gabriel’s faith is growing and flourishing and sending out shoots to strengthen others is just beautiful.

After a day full of fun food and playtime and being with people Gabriel loves, that evening we had family over for a Birthday Express party which was a hit ~ Gabriel loved it, right down to the pinata and wearable cardboard trains I made. The train theme was fun to run with (chuff with?), and we enjoyed sharing a light meal, playtime, and an ice cream sundae buffet together.

At four years old, Gabriel loves to ride bikes, swing on his swingset, go for hikes in the woods, examine dead bugs under a magnifying glass, sing at the top of his lungs, listen to music and dance or play along, read books, do schoolwork, and is so good at his memory verses & catechism. He still loves to cook and clean alongside of his mommy, and loves to learn handyman skills with his daddy & grandpapa. To see him growing & flourishing in faith under God’s kind hand is marvelous, and he is excited that Asher will have his first communion this week on Pentecost.
Gabriel is beginning to read and write, which he excels in and enjoys. His imagination is probably his best friend and most constant playmate: it amazes me.


The Lord’s kind and tender mercies astonish us every day, and we are bowled-over by Him. Our little boys are both a constant source of joy and reminder of our Father’s good pleasure. It was fun to celebrate Gabriel’s life this week; he is an amazing little boy. We are so thankful that God placed this covenant child in our family!!

3 Replies to “Gabriel David turns 4!”

  1. I decided to pop over here and see if there were birthday photos yet; hurray!! 🙂
    You have the most fun ideas for birthday; I love how creative you are. God-given talents!
    Gabriel is an amazing little boy that God has great plans for! What a wonderful gift it is to watch him grow and learn and seek God. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your joy with us; God has blessed you immensely.

  2. WOW! Happy 4th Birthday, Gabriel! What a sweet note from Mommy, too.
    {Cannot believe he’s 4 – eek!}

  3. What a great bday party! I think the whole “wearable trains” thing is sooo fun! I love seeing all your ideas for parties….so creative =)

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