Granola Goodness

These granola bars are in the works today in my home. It’s been a wonderful day of focusing on my little boy (hurray for setting up a tent in the backyard and going “fishing” in the kiddie pool!) in the just-arrived-warmer-weather, but now I’m giving in to a craving for some granola bars. What went into mine today? Shredded coconut, golden raisins, dried cranberries, crushed unsalted nuts, and some chocolate chips for good measure. 🙂

EDITED TO ADD: I just used granulated sugar (was tempted to use brown sugar), I don’t think it probably matters. I used freshly ground hard red wheat flour instead of oat flour. And for the syrupy sweetener I used maple syrup. Also, they were easiest for me to cut after I let the granola sit on its parchment hammock in the freezer for half an hour. This might not be the healthiest granola bar recipe out there, but it is super tasty plus I’m totally all over anything homemade. So yeah, it fits my bill perfectly. 😀

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  1. Oh yes, chocolate for good measure…can’t forget those! I love dried cranberries, I don’t think granola or bars are the same without them. Btw, what kind of sugar did you use? I am thinking of trying the recipe with some “turbanado” type sugar we have.

  2. I think this week’s summery weather must have done something to us, too. Maria made some granola for us to snack on last night at family time. SO good!

  3. Mmm, those look so good! I am a huge granola bar fan. Tasty, filling and nutritious!

  4. Melissa, this is very timely! I have everything to make our granola for cereal and was going to sit down this week and look for a good granola bar recipe online to make too. Thanks for sharing!

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