I Love My Country Doctor

And this is what we call a genuine country i.v. pole:

And, lest I forget, that’s also what we call getting an i.v. in style: on a recliner with my husband, watching the Food Network, and sipping a fresh mojito. Let’s be honest: we’ve gotta make the best of all my medical treatments, so we’re trying hard. 🙂

10 Replies to “I Love My Country Doctor”

  1. MJoy:

    Still waiting for payment in full, which was, I believe, a piece of your award willing cherry pie! Ahh, the life of a country doc. [Tax that, Mr. Obama!!]


  2. What style! I love it. 🙂 And honestly, super funny you are drinking a Mojito while getting and I.V….they sure wouldn’t let you do that at the Dr.’s office! LOL! I hope everything is going well with the treatment. Keeping you in my prayers!

  3. i love that you’re trying not to laugh. you make me want a mojito too! 😉 miss you!

  4. This looks so much better than sitting in a sterile hospital room, wearing a hospital nightie and sucking on ice chips and jello. So glad you can do this at home!!

  5. Haha: I love the response I got on this! I have a hard time taking all my medical treatments in stride, so my parents (God bless them!) are helping us make the best of a “worst situation,” as y’all could see. God is good!
    And yes, this doesn’t happen in most doctor’s offices (I don’t love donning those ‘gowns’ at clinics/hospitals)… but this just so happened to be my papa-doc’s house. 😉 And my mom makes the best mojitos. Plus, it was the Sabbath – we couldn’t have it any other way. lol.

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