Mandatory Jammy Day!

This morning when we awoke to a thickly white, crunchy world (frost, not snow! not yet anyway…) and a chilly house, I decided it would be Mandatory Jammy Day. Incidentally, we have never had a day spent in our pajamas here before. Gabriel didn’t quite know how to handle it! It took a wee bit of convincing, hehe. But every time he asked if he could put clothes on ~ or rather, when he asked if he could “at least put on pants and a shirt; not clothes, just pants and a shirt!” ~ I would offer something else fun and distracting to do. Let’s build a blanket fort! Let’s read books in there with a flashlight! Let’s eat boxed mac and cheese for lunch! Let’s bake a cake and you can use the mixer by yourself! Let’s watch a video and eat the M&Ms out of trail mix!

What a day. 🙂 I did actually get some other things done, but for the most part, it was a day spent just having fun with the boys and loving on them in a creative way we had not done before. Here’s some [humbling] picture proof of our Jammy Day for your pure and utter enjoyment.

6 Replies to “Mandatory Jammy Day!”

  1. What fun! 🙂 I love the idea of a Jammy Day; esp with little kids!
    We got snow here today; a few inches. I love how clean and fresh everything is when the world is white.
    The pictures made me smile; thanks for sharing with us!

  2. This sounds like SO much fun! I keep feeling like snow is on its way, but I hear its a ways out. Just hoping we get some this winter. It would be sad to have none 🙁

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