meat and grain

What about Jesus’ own parable of the prodigal son? The Father in the parable told his servants to prepare the fatted calf ready for a feast when his son returned home. Of course, this parable was not told as a lesson on what to eat, but we need to pay attention to every red letter word in the Bible. We shouldn’t gloss over any of Christ’s words as trivial. There is joy and celebrating in eating meat, and we are not any more righteous or holy, or even more healthy, if we deny ourselves red meat.
~Trim Healthy Mama, p49~

Some principles of the paleolithic diet do have some merit. Our culture overdoes grain and there are some people who have legitimate allergies to gluten and need to avoid many grains. But Jesus likens himself to the “Bread of Life.” He fed over 5,000 hungry people with loaves and fishes. He broke bread with His disciples. Was He intentionally harming them? No. Did He not know better? Better than us, for sure. God included grains as “the increase of the fields” (Deuteronomy 32:13) as part of His food groups. Paleo diets teach that grains are toxic to our bodies. God obviously thinks differently. Who’s right? That’s a no brainer.
~Trim Healthy Mama, p53~

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