Monday April 21, 2008

What’s funny is that my bridal shower was less than a year ago at this same house… the same adorable family from my church hosted last year’s bridal shower and this year’s baby shower! I am a very blessed little lady. 🙂
Anyway, I’m not going to post a host of pics of food, gifts, people, etc… but here is one of me & the cake (which the 35 or so women devoured even after a healthy brunch!), and then The Boy with his mama, grandmama, and auntie.

We were showered with wonderful gifts, encouragement, support, laughter — it was all such a blessing. I loved going through the pile of gifts back at home, showing my husband and watching him ooh & aah over things. I think he is especially exited to start reading the books to the baby. 🙂 I think we’ll be having a “read to the belly” date tonight after Bible study, hehe.
We went down to the hospital for the first time this weekend: we timed the drive for an estimate, and then got to tour the whole L&D floor. It was great. Made me nervous, though, for the first time. 😉 It’s going to be a really great place for us, and the nurses all spoke highly of our midwives. So that’s nice. 🙂
My husband also installed the carseat in the back seat of our Subaru — I’m so tempted to stick a baby doll in there for the next month until The Boy takes his place there. Haha.

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