Monday April 7, 2008

So here’s a question (or two or ten) for y’all, just in case anyone actually looks at my blog this week. 🙂

Do you use/have you used cloth diapers?
I’m going to use prefolds & diaper covers, so would you have a brand of diaper cover to recommend?
How many prefolds & covers would your experience say are necessary?
What other “supplies” are necessary for cloth diapering? (diaper pail, borax, etc)

Thanks for any input anyone can offer! 🙂
I’m excited about my upcoming diapering adventure. Woo hoo!

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  1. So I haven’t used them myself, but I have some info for you anyway.  🙂  Steph got these diapers called Bum Genius and she loves them and recommneds them to everyone.  They look pretty great and I am thinking about using them for the next one.  They are machine washable, and fit the baby very nicely.  Plus I think they have some sort of extra padding in there that helps pull the moisture away from the baby so if you don’t change the diaper right away they won’t get a rash.  Here is the website:

    I did get cloth diapers for Elijah, but so many people gave me disposables that I didn’t end up using them and then he grew out of the size I had bought by the time all the disposables were gone.  From experience with my mom using them, I would say get a diaper pail.  Otherwise your whole laundry room will stink.  Also be prepared to have to use alot of baby powder because usually the baby’s bottoms stay more wet with cloth.  Otherwise I don’t have any advice cause I haven’t used them yet!

  2. We are the most boring family out there… we’ve always used disposables and have never used a genie or special diaper pale, just the garbage. Life is pretty simple around here. 🙂 

  3. Hey Melissa, When I’ve used them on other people’s children, what we did was take one diaper and tri-folded it lengthwise. Center that on the “outside” diaper so that way there will be less leaks. Also, they and I recommend having enough to change the baby at least every 2 hours if not every hour. Any diaper pail that has a lid, especially one that seals, would be perfect.

  4. Melissa,

    We have done cloth diapering.  But, I am afraid I am no expert.  For the diaper, I just use the ones from Tiny Tots.  And, the covers I have are called prowraps.  I think they are the best, out of the normal basic wraps.  There are many fancy things out there, which I have never tried…

    For quantity…  I’d say about 40 diapers & maybe 20 covers.  You will probably wash them often (I usually do every other day) so you don’t have to deal with too much odor.  I just use regular detergent, but let them soak first, with oxi clean…

  5. Melissa (Laura here) – I used cloth diapers until Jenna was nine months old. We used Tiny Tots diaper service (the same service my mom used). Those are just rectangle shaped pieces of thick cotton and you have to use diaper covers over them. I liked them pretty well – but given the cost and the fact that they weren’t AMAZING, I will try something new with the next one. My favorite website,, has lots of info about cloth diapering. Go here for diaper reviews.

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