Monday February 15, 2010

Gabriel loves having a front window, out of which he can watch passing cars and trucks and pedestrians. Of course that was always Dilly’s spot ~ and now she has to share it with the boy. 🙂
But Gabriel’s favorite day is Trash Day.

We can hear the garbage truck down the street… so up onto the couch we go, staring out the window…

Waiting to see the truck…

There it is!!!! Hurray!!

Sometimes he shakes the can a little extra, or waves to Gabriel in the window. We love that.

And on this particular trash day, we also found another superb pastime (especially on laundry day when the hampers are empty)!

Isn’t this priceless?!

3 Replies to “Monday February 15, 2010”

  1. I guess trash day is a novelty of sorts because every little child that I have ever watched has LOVED watching the garbage man come to pick up the trash.


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