Monday July 28, 2008

Since having a baby, I realize that many of my previous routines have become very bendable and fluid. For the most part, that’s been a really good, necessary thing — keeps me from losing my mind, so to speak. 🙂 The one routine that I don’t like having to bend too much, though, is my daily time of Bible reading & prayer. I’m not a pharisee about it, so if the routine doesn’t happen one day, it doesn’t happen. No biggee. We’ll get back to it tomorrow. But I’ve been thinking about it recently, reading about some of my friends’ routines, encouraging one another to be diligent & thoughtful in whatever routine we have — and anyway, I thought I’d ask on here… WHAT’S YOUR ROUTINE??
What time of day to you dedicate to Bible reading and prayer?
Do you have a specific place where you do it?
What do the kids do meanwhile?
Do you have a set time to do devotions with your spouse or family?
What does that look like?
Do you have a prayer journal, and what does that involve?
Do you catechize the kids? What do you use?

My own routine tends to be coupled with my morning cup of coffee. I guess the idea is that without either one I won’t make it very well through the day, haha! 😉 I like it best when I do the reading at my desk, but sometimes I stand up at the kitchen counter or lie on the bed. Gabriel is usually right nearby, either in my lap or in his bouncy seat. After doing my own reading (right now I’m in 2nd Samuel — and I also always have 1 or 2 devotionals/books I read in addition), I read a Psalm to Gabriel. Then sometimes I turn on a cd of Psalm singing, and sing along while doing housework — Gabriel loves that. Steven is usually off at work during this routine, providing for our family. In the evening -usually during Gabriel’s bedtime meal- Steven reads to us as a family. I love that. I’m looking forward to the time when Gabriel gets a little older and we can incorporate some family singing & catechism into the scheme. I’ve never had an official prayer journal, I tend to use sticky-notes more than anything. 🙂 But I’m thinking it might be a really neat thing to start. Write down things I am praying for/about, and ways that I see God working in these things.

So there’s my bit. In an effort to encourage one another to daily pursue God and His kingdom, now give me your nickel’s worth! 🙂

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