Monday May 4, 2009

L & R: we finally inaugurated the grill! Steven made amazing burgers. 🙂

L: see the awesome manly burgers? and I made oven fries to go along. Mmm.
R: ever seen a hen on a can? here you go. Beer Can Chicken. Another night of grilling! yay!

L: the happy husband with the delicious chicken.
R: our beer themed dinner a week ago: beer can chicken, beer battered veggies, beer bread, and beer! 🙂

L & R: some of Gabriel’s new shoes. Yay for Pediped sandals! He has finally outgrown the 0-6 month size. 😉

L & R: the newest arrow in our quiver. I finally got the name tag done, and I’m pleased with the result.

L: eating his first “table food” breakfast — a Danish abelskiver with banana!
R: “Got Milk?”

L: the birthday dinner I had yesterday for my mama.
R: me, serving up the main dish: chicken breasts stuffed with jack cheese, sage, and green onions, and wrapped in layers of phyllo dough.

L: my plate. Looks pretty to me! With the chicken in phyllo, we had roasted asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes with a brown sugar maple glaze, and popovers. For the appetizers we had butternut bisque and salad with a homemade parmesan garlic vinaigrette.
R: Grandpapa with Noah.

L: Grandmama with Hannah, and dessert — German chocolate cake!
R: the birthday crown I made last week for my Gabriel.

L: another sewing project from last week — a little half-apron for myself. I like the result.
R: Gabriel loves this little push-toy crocodile from Italy.

L: again with the croc. 🙂 And see his other new summer shoes? I love the orange!!
R: me and my sweetness.

5 Replies to “Monday May 4, 2009”

  1. Wow.  There is a lot in this post…

    Your Mom’s birthday dinner sounds so yummy!!  Happy birthday to her!!

    I plan to some day make birthday crowns for our family.  Yours turned out great!  How fun!

  2. Your food always looks so yummy! =)

    Happy b-day to your mama!

    Yay for grilling!

    And what a precious memory, the little arrows for each of your children.


  3. All that food looks so yummy. I’ve heard of the  beer can chicken but never tried it! 😉

    I want the recipe for the phyllo wrapped chicken; mmm!! good.

    Gabriel is getting big and so are the twins. All 3 of them are so precious; what a blessing! The arrow tag you crossstiched is beautiful and a treasure forever. I love how you are symbolizing the arrows that God has given you and Steven. That’s something that really touches me…something I hope to do someday.



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