Monday November 10, 2008

Today: I needed to get some things done around the house, so I tied Gabriel onto my back in a “rucksack with a twist”, and he loved it! Even took his nap there. 🙂

Yesterday: after church, we had a family afternoon of food and fun. Gabriel learned that tummy-time has some fun aspects, my mom made some amazing food, and I got to hear the twins’ heartbeats too!

Recently: Gabriel decided he likes to laugh at himself in the mirror, and Dilly decided she likes to nap with Gabriel!

Last week: Gabriel discovered that his feet are super duper fun! And Mommy discovered that she likes making “matching faces” with her baby boy.

One day: I created my own recipe for S’mores Bars. I’m a huge fan. And Gabriel looks cute in his collared shirt & tiny cord’s!

When the men worked outside: Grandpapa came over to bring Daddy some manure from the farm for our garden next year. Gabriel liked watching them work out the window. And he wore machinery on his clothes to make him feel all manly too. 🙂

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