Motherhood, daily & divine

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Any way you cut it, motherhood is intimidating…
moms might not know it, but they are the bravest of the brave…
and perhaps what makes this kind of everyday courage the most remarkable
is how very seldom it gets recognized.
~Lisa-Jo Baker, Surprised By Motherhood, p93~

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Vacations are more than vacations,
and that island is more than an island.
Vacations are the act of grabbing
minutes and hours and days with both hands,
stealing against the inevitability of time.
There will be a day when our family as we know it will no longer exist,
and I want to know in that moment that I wasn’t at the office or doing the dishes
when I could have been walking on the dock with my dad,
when I could have been drinking tea and eating ginger cookies on the porch with my mom.
~Shauna Niequist, Cold Tangerines, p45~

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We are always to do our best,
striving to be obedient
and to love, nurture, and discipline them.
But we are to do it with faith in the Lord’s ability to transform hearts,
not in our ability to be consistent or faithful.
~Elyse Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson, Give Them Grace, p53~

3 Replies to “Motherhood, daily & divine”

  1. I love the moving shots 🙂
    I see you didn’t get any of the snow that we got down here!

  2. I love the blurry shots of busy kids. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a properly fuzzy one of Gabriel, oh well. 😉 This was a couple weeks ago when we were on a four day getaway as a family… but last week here at home we DID get snow. It was hilarious and gorgeous! And it happened to be April Fool’s, which was just funny to boot.

  3. We got snow on Easter Sunday! and then again on Tuesday. Sunday’s storm also brought thunder and lightning and hail. Tuesday’s storm was heavy and wet with 4.5 inches of snow!! It was so odd getting snow after a snow-less winter. I loved it while it lasted; pure and white and lovely. We had a little die-back on some bushes and plants but everything seems to have fared okay despite the freeze.

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