New Life

We have new life in Christ! What a blessing ~ what a miracle!

And we have new life in the womb! Another blessing ~ and a sort of miracle of its own!

Although I wasn’t planning on spilling the beans quite yet (although we’ve known for a number of weeks, I was trying to keep a semblance of a secret for once…), my husband jumped back into the world of blogging today and opened the can. So in case anyone happened to peek over there, I figured I had better do it too.

Happy Easter, friends. Happy praying. Happy rejoicing. Happy living together in light of the Resurrection.

18 Replies to “New Life”

  1. Happy Easter! And we so earnestly hope and pray that you will have a new little one to hold in your arms at next year’s Easter worship! Many blessings!

  2. Praying this little one will be in your arms alive and well at the end of the year. WHen is your exact due date?

  3. New life in Christ and new life in the womb are both huge blessings! So happy for you and yes, I found out by Steven’s blog the other day. Will keep your little family bathed in prayer. *hugs*

  4. When I heard the u/s went well I was so very excited for you. How far along are you now? You are always in my thoughts and prayers hun, and you will continue to be! *big hugs*

  5. Oh Melissa, how exciting! I almost asked you if you were pregnant, based on something you said in a recent email. 🙂 How far along are you?

  6. Blessings on you Melissa! Congratulations to you, Steven, and Gabriel. You are in my prayers, my dear friend!

  7. So happy and excited for you and praying each day that God will sustain that life!! Rejoicing as always!

  8. Congratulations! I’m so very happy for you! You’ll be in our hearts and prayers — it’s so encouraging to read your husband’s comment that things have never looked more promising than this time around 🙂

  9. congratulations to you both! it was wonderful to see you. thank you for hosting a playdate, and it was wonderful to see you gracious parenting put to practice, with Gabriel sharing all his toys and all the busyness and noise…you are a wonderful mama.

    thanks be to God!

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