So I am a couple weeks behind on posting anything about our new house… but we are still moving at the end of next week! I know: insane, right? 😉

But a couple of weeks ago I did remember to take some pictures of progress, and this is one (okay, two…) of my favorites. Gabriel wanted to help paint his new bedroom, and we documented a wee bit of the process.

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  1. Melissa..God Bless your family on your move… I LOVE that picture of Gabriel painting!!We also include the children(Aidan is almost 4) in activities such as painting..what a payoff!!Enjoy this time!!

  2. Cutie pie 🙂 I’m sure he loved helping to paint his room!! And I can’t believe you’re moving in already… wow! Praying for an easy move without too many complications. May God bless your efforts!

  3. Love it! So sweet. There’s something so exciting about painting pictures – I have one from when we painted Bella’s nursery (and we had a heart with “B+A” on the inside that we painted instead of “Gabriel”) and it holds such sweet memories. 🙂

  4. WHAT?!?!? this is what i get for not checking your blog more often. 🙂 what an exciting time in your lives!

    i’m still in the middle of reading your post about the baby shower. your gratitude makes the joy well up inside of me…a spilling over of thankfulness to the Lord. thank you for sharing!

  5. Quick question here, Melissa….do you mind telling me what the color of Baby Nine’s Room/Nursery will be? ;o)

  6. Hey Jac. It’s basically the color of butter. 🙂 A creamy, super pale yellow. With white accents (eventually). In my latest post, there’s a not-so-great picture of it. In the picture it practically looks white. But it’s a creamy buttery color, and the carpet is called “earthy” which is a pretty good description. And everything in the nursery is what we had for Gabriel, so if you remember any of that (light green, light yellow, light blue), that’s what we’re digging out. When we find the boxes. lol.

  7. Ohh pretty 🙂
    Hope all that moving and unpacking goes well, will be thinking and praying for your family during the transition.

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