Photo Shoot

A week ago we had a little photo shoot, since we had our east-coast-family visiting us. It was wonderful to have my brother share his talent and time with us! We got so many beautiful pictures of various poses and groupings… but here are just a couple that I can share with you here.

Photos courtesy of Colin D. Bennett Photography, (c) 2011
My little family.

Us with Steven’s parents.

All of us together.

10 Replies to “Photo Shoot”

  1. Wow! These are beautiful pictures! Your brother did a great job! Just wish we could see your belly 😉

  2. Beautiful and excellent work, Colin!!! I am very impressed 🙂

    Such a beautiful family.

  3. I really really love the look of the grass in the back and the white and denim you are all wearing. Very nice photos! How far apart is your sister-in-law and her husband’s son from Gabriel?

  4. Thanks, ladies! We love how it all turned out too. The spot (a park just a mile from our current house) and the lighting played really well with what I wanted to accomplish, and Colin just has a really good eye. We were thankful God worked out the details for us!
    And Jac, Landon is 2 years & 2 days younger than Gabriel, but they’re only about five pounds apart, so looks are deceiving. 😉

  5. LOVE, Love love, the pictures!! 🙂 You look so beautiful! What a lovely family picture! Your brother did an amazing job!

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