Prayers and Results

We got some blood test results earlier than we expected, and it looks like my various medical treatments are doing what they should in my body. The results are not overly astounding but they are adequate. So we are thankful for this confirmation from our wise Father in Heaven that we are doing the right things. He is kind! So onward and forward we go. I am praying continually for grace upon grace each day as I swallow all my pills, poke my belly with injections, schedule iv treatments, and even make plans for another plane trip for one more of those treatments down south next month. Praying that I would recognize these treatments as gifts from God, as privileges, as beautiful sacrifices that I am called to make for my family as well as my King & His kingdom.

Thanks for the prayers I know you offer on our behalf.
May the Lord encourage your spirits, even as you encourage mine.

5 Replies to “Prayers and Results”

  1. I am so thankful to God that is appears to be having some effect! We’re continuing to lift you and your precious family up in prayer during this time.

  2. Praise the Lord for His never-ending blessings! I am praying for visible arrows here on earth; healthy, beautiful children for you and Steven! And who knows? Maybe you’ll have a baby in your arms by this time next year! I’m praying! 🙂

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