Psalms for Sunday

My family had the joy of introducing another family to the practice of Psalm singing today! My kids were on board with helping these new friends overcome nerves and tackle the unknowns in order to urge them on with us in the praise of God. We started with Psalms straight from Scripture, with canonical lines by Dr. Erb at @nsaconservatory that you can find in the #cantuschristi2020 from @canonpress
(Psalms 117 & 134)
Then we wanted to share some old favorites on which I cut my own milk teeth for Psalm singing a couple decades ago… mostly from the red Book of Psalms for Singing. My kids also wanted to show this family the joys of singing in parts, through arrangements of Psalms 98, 103, 148… and if I say “119X” do you know what I mean?! 😆 But we only had so much time, so we had to save some things for a later day.

I will sing to the Lord, for He has dealt bountifully with me. -Psalm 13:6

What a blessing to fill a home with people of God and praise to God! I was so honored to bring psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to this room – and to bring these people into the learning and laughter of new skills. What a joy!

We memorized the entire Psalm 117 together to begin with, so they learned about unison, melody, harmony, canon… all in our first little foray into Psalm singing. A variety of Psalms followed, including two Psalms of ascent – perfect for the Lord’s Day.

We also sang some hymns of great virtue, focusing on the narrative of history and theology within their poetry (The Son of God Goes Forth to War! See, the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph!). But it is the Psalms which really grabbed this group. That’s my love language!

Psalms for Sunday. Nothing better.

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